Bingo Cash in my Acc at Ready Set Bingo

Added 2011-04-12 22:11:56

After reading a news report posted by oh my bingo on ready set bingo it reminded me that it has been ages since i have logged in to my account.

Lol what i pleasant surprise i got i have £25.62 cash and £12.41 bingo bucks. I had totally forgot that i had any money in my account. It must be a good few months since i have played at ready set bingo.

I know that the wagering terms and conditions are really high at this site so i will never be able to withdraw any thing but at least when i have no money to deposit on a site of my choice at least i can still play.

I love playing in the 80 ball bingo room at ready set bingo and have been lucky enough to have a few wins in the past.

I might just try out the slots at this site lol wait and see i will get a really big win and then not be able to withdraw now that would be just my luck.

After logging in to my account and finding some cash i wonder how many other sites that i have money in that i have forgotten all about. I bet some of you will be the same, have money some where and forgotten all about it, good luck finding it.