Bingo Castle has Better Jackpots than Foxy Bingo

Added 2010-08-15 14:20:20

Hello all, i got an e-mail from OhMyBingo about Bingo Castle.  I don't know if it's new or what but i joined anyway cause i love free bingo money, teehee :)

So, they give you 25 pounds in bonus money and you can use it on the slots too. (always a bonus, i love slot machines).  I played and thought nooo not really my cuppa, i was down to my last few pounds when low and behold i won the pattern and the full house.  Well i dont win often and the lure of money is too great for my type so i carried on regardless lol and i won a bit more.

Now the great thing is if you win on the bingo it goes into your cash pot rather than your bonus so all is good.  I'm thinking wow I'm up this is gooooood so just a cheeky thought can i withdraw what i won?  So i check it out and no not exactly i have to deposit 20 pounds which is fine, i don't mind that but then i see the wagering requirements - it's 4x your bonus.  I need to go back and read this properly so dont hold me to that untill I report back, it was late and i was holding my eyes open with matchsticks lol but you get my drift loveys.

So as much as this seems a miss, the ch's are lovely and the chat rooms are friendly and willing to have a good natter and you feel welcome, a bit like here at OhMyBingo.  The deposit bonus is 333% on your first deposit so quite good and you can withdraw anything from 50 pounds to 1000 pounds.  Sounds like a lot i know but unlike Foxy Bingo, the pots are quite good and the rooms are not busy all the time so better odds. (the pots r not bad at Foxy Bingo but it is bursting at the seems at any given time) if i remember anything else ill let you know but you should have a looksee even if its just for the 25 pounds free .xxxx glglgl xxxx:)