Bingo Codes for Online Bingo Site Gone Bingo

Added 2010-10-18 17:17:44

Hi folks I have yet another offer for you to take advantage of, if you are a member of the gone bingo family, site include wowbingo/bingog/bingohero/bingomagix and many many more lol, just log into your account go to REDEEM COUPON and type in -  linkedbbn - and you will be instantly credited with £5 bb's to play many of the exciting rooms they have on there, just remember that any winnings from this bonus £5 is NOT with drawable so it is just to play for fun, but that doesnt mean its not worth playing, you may be able to ctch up on old mates yo  not seen for a while and meet new hosts as they seem to be many new host there now, if you are ot already a member why not register now and you will receive £15 bonus for trail and you can also use this code -  linkedbbn -

 to bump up the funds to £20 and even better you can use code - magix5 - as well so therefore having a whopping £25 free trial monies who could ask for more lol, and remember if you deposit you will receive a whopping 100% on your 1ts 3 deposits so what are you waiting for go GONEBINGO  n glglgl Kim (xbunnykinsx)