Bingo Extra Closed Account and not Paid Me

Added 2015-10-26 11:53:42

I joined Bingo Extra in March, and I have won loads on the site i think about 1.4 g's. (grand). i mistakenly bought £96 worth of cards in the monthly no limits room and i had about 36 pound left in my playing account .i was in The Extra Room and i was talking to the cm, with the 8 chatters. i was having a joke with the cm and told the newbies to go into Candy store bingo room for bigger prizes and me and the cm was laughing, lol but when all the players went, we both had a smile, then out of no site, the cm blocked my chat! why laugh with me then ban my chat? i was only helping the newbies on the site. then 10 Min's later my account was blocked! i got an email from them that my account was closed due to advising players to go to candy store for me to only be the only player for the jackpot games the fixed £20 games (which i didn't know), plus a game needs 3 players to start not 1. they issued my 36.94 but they said i had no active deposit methods so was going to send me a cheque. i corrected them and they said they would refund my money to my preferred payment method - guess what... i only got 36 pound. i contacted them in regards to the 94p and as a gesture they are sending me £1 to my preferred method. i contacted them about the monthly no limits game and they said if i have a winning ticket they will contact me. i contacted them after the game had finished and they confirmed i won the 1 lines of 136 pound. they advised me all winnings are null and void if a player account is determined, but they have emailed management to see if i can have my funds (chances are i wont). bingo extra is a site to avoid as i was helping newbies and i get my account blocked. i will keep you updated with the email from management. thanks all gl and please tell me some good sites to play on as i only play a few x