Bingo Friendzy

Added 2012-09-12 17:34:36

Have any of you tried out jackpot joys new bingo friendzy game on face book?

A couple of weeks ago i received an email from jackpot joy giving me £5 free to try out the game, i was very lucky indeed and won £55 after only a few games, and i was also able to withdraw.

There are now three rooms to play in and one of them is free, though i have only just seen the free room it must just have opened so i am not sure if you have to have played so much the week before or what to be able to play in it.

There is the candy cave room tickets 5p and a jackpot of £100, also the vanilla bingo room with tickets at 1p with a jackpot of £5.

In the candy cave room and the free room there are extra numbers called after the full house so you still have a chance to win. Just like the show us your balls game at jackpot joy when the queen calls more numbers.

And if you recommend friends and they deposit you get £10 per person but also when you win you win extra according to how many friends you have recommended. Read more here.