Bingo Giving Brand New Coupon Codes Out Now

Added 2011-08-16 13:27:58

Who said charity begins at home? It begins at Bingo Giving! This is a fabulous charity site that supports a different cause each month. However, it is still jampacked with excellent promotions, brilliant online bingo action, and amazing opportunities to win.

The first exciting thing to happen when you join Bingo Giving is this: you get to Spin the Wheel. This is their brand-new bonus system where you can win between £10 and £2500 guaranteed. On top of that, there is a 200% deposit match coming your way as well. Register at Bingo Giving today, and you also get 48 hours of lovely free bingo games with real cash prizes. Has there ever been a better reason to join a bingo site?

Bingo Giving love to look after roomies with coupon codes as well. These are on offer all the time, and see you getting free cash with every deposit. Be sure to check out the bingo and slot tournaments as well -- these are a permanent feature but the prizes change every week. If you fancy winning yourself a PlayStation, garden furniture, or jewellery, then look no further than Bingo Giving.

And look out behind you! There’s a big hairy chap coming to meet you. No, it's not Boris Johnson, it’s Gus the Giving Gorilla, the cuddly mascot at Bingo Giving. Play today, claim your free cash, and make sure you take Gus a banana.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.