Bingo Giving can't do it without your help

Added 2011-03-24 15:35:54

A big round of applause for Bingo Giving! They are well on their way to raising £400 for Just a Drop, the world water charity. There's a reason why they are called Bingo Giving -- every month, a new charity is chosen, and hundreds of pounds are raised in aid of that good cause. And, even better, every month, you get a chance to vote for your favourite charity. Perhaps you might choose a local one, or one close to your heart because of a family experience. If your charity gets chosen, Bingo Giving will support it for a full month.

If you aren't a member at this fantastically generous UK bingo site yet, you need to be. Bingo Giving donate to charity with every pot, but the money comes out of their pocket not yours.

You will still find a fantastic range of online bingo, big money games and huge jackpots, but it gives you that sweet feeling inside to know that some of your cash is going to help good causes.

The charity begins as soon as you register at Bingo Giving. Sign today and you get £5 free, and if you spread the good word, you get £10 free for every friend you invite. Sounds like a good deal to us! Get there now and play the charitable way.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.