Bingo gods liked me today at Tote Sport Bingo

Added 2010-10-18 17:28:37

Good morning all

Yesterday  (sat) I posted an article about Tote sport bingo and how they have given existing customers to try the new revamp site. 

Well as I said in my previous article up to then I had had no luck with my fiver,so I pre brought  a couple of  cheap games in the main room.                                                                                                                                                                                                        After playing OMB's golden hour and a few games after I had to then go and do all my normal freebie bingo,at this point I hadnt given tote sport a second thought,but thought I would play the free 75 ball games at 12.00.                                                     So at 12 O'clock there I was logging back in to my account to find that my pre brought tickets costing me a whole 44p had won me £89.43p,I couldnt believe it. I played here till late and while x factor was on I decided I would withdraw some of my winnings and transfer a tenner to the betting account and leave a bit for my bingo.

Now I no nothing about horses and just pick names that I like ,So I picked 5 races at wolverhampton and did a 5p each way canadian . To my shock I ended up with 4 winners and 1 placed and won £103.26p. (Hubby  did the same bet with diff horses and won £1.63 pmsl). The bingo gods were obviously on my side lol.

For those interested tote sport are doing a deposit bonus of £15.00 when you deposit and play £5.00 and existing players are sent a code for £5.00 to try the revamped Totesport ( now V/F) . 

GL everyone xxxxx