Bingo Godz bonus week

Added 2015-02-17 16:30:32

I am happy to tell you all that once again, Bingo Godz is offering the bonus week. What you need to do is... go to the 'My Bonuses' tab, then type in promo code 1FREE. Then, you need to click on accept. You will then get your free £1. Easy, eh? The best thing about it, it is withdrawable when you win. My recommendations are playing in their new link room, where they offer minimum prize of £100. If you win the £100, you can withdraw! Tickets are 50p in there so you could buy 1 ticket for 2 games, or buy 2 tickets just for 1 game. Moving subjects, I would like to wish the OhMyBingo players a happy Pancake Day and I hope the day will be successful for a lot of the players. I hope that a lot of you will have a pancake because I wont! :(