Bingo Godz has lowered its payouts

Added 2015-02-16 08:52:26

Once again, Bingo Godz has lowered its payout rate. The site use to pay out 90% of the winnings, but if you have noticed, the past 6 months, the payout rate has been changing. It has gone down to 80%, 75%, and now its getting even worse. The site now pays out 70%! For a bingo site that use to pay out so well, has gone downhill. Also the rooms are not the best. They use to offer level 2 rooms from 7am-12am. Now they only offer these games in the evenings. Now, you get less change of getting Godz to unlock level 3 rooms. In fact, what is the point of unlocking level 3 rooms, when there is hardly any games in there too. It is mainly level 1 rooms that play, and that's where the newbies are, maxing, with their welcome bonus and free £10. Bingo Godz has gone very downhill! :(