Bingo Godz Is a Bus Stop Sensation

Added 2013-10-18 07:55:20

A flash of lightning and a crack of thunder heralds the arrival of something rather special whenever you play at Bingo Godz.

Every time you play, a magical god can appear in a chat room at random, dishing out tickets, and special bonus powers. In total, there are six worlds to progress through, and in each world, there are six different deities to collect. Only once have you collected all gods can you access the next level. More details on Bingo Godz can be found here.

This is a totally new and innovative way to play bingo, and if you have seen the TV adverts, and bus stop adverts, you'll know that Bingo Godz is already a big deal.

If you're curious to try it but still unsure what it's all about, then no worries – meet the Blessed Cloud – he's your guide to the wonderful realm, and he doesn't miss a trick. He'll lead you through a tutorial game, teaching you everything you need to know to send you on your heavenly way.

Sign at Bingo Godz now for a 100% first deposit bonus when you make your first deposit of £10 or more, then it's time to float up to your Cloud to meet your cosmic new pals.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.