Bingo Godz Is a Six Level Challenge

Added 2013-09-24 08:04:46

Brand-new Bingo Godz is setting the world on fire. This is a thrilling new way to play your favourite free bingo games, and it really must be played to be believed.

It plays like regular UK bingo, but there are also 36 magnificent Godz to collect.  Look out for those gods appearing in the chat rooms – when they materialise, you will pick up extra reward points. Click here for details on Bingo Godz!

 Every level is inhabited by six different icons, and you must collect all six before you progress forward. There are six beautiful worlds to pass through – Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Tiki, Space, and Eastern.

As it you progress on your journey, the prizes get bigger and better, and the action gets far more exciting.

The site is relatively new, having only launched in September 2013. So, you may find the chat rooms a little bit quiet at the moment, but trust me – that will all change, because Bingo Godz makes all other sites look as dull as a day out in Droitwich.

And of course, it's not just free bingo you can play here – there's a full suite of top-notch casino and slot games.

Get in the favour with the godz and sign now for a 150% free bonus.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.