Bingo Godz Reward Early Risers with Cash Back

Added 2014-08-01 16:00:05

Are you up with the lark in the morning? IF you don't like to lie in and you're one of those people who love taking advantage of the light summer mornings then this is a promotion you'll definitely want to set your alarm clock for! Every single day The Bingo Godz give their loyal players ten percent back on all losing tickets. More info on Bingo Godz.

Chop chop - you need to get over to Chow Main first thing, as this tasty offer runs from seven am 'til nine am, so you'll need to be up and around early to take advantage of this recession busting offer which truly is a gift from above. You'll be in seventh heaven if you win a prize, and if you don't then you get a huge ten percent back. That's enough for you to get your head out the clouds and eyes down on the Godz, this is a mighty fine offer!

The Godz have lots of different games, slots and instants for you to try, and the chat rooms are simply heavenly. Divine darling roomies, like friendly angels are on hand to chat and the CM's are always around with prizes and chat games galore.

There's a celestial sign up offer just now at Bingo Godz, you'll get a three hundred percent welcome bonus and a special Bingo blessing from the Godz - If you want to play the most heavenly bingo then this is where you need to be!

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