Bingo Hat Goes Slot Crazy

Added 2012-11-26 08:50:43

Bingo Hat have been going slot crazy since 29th October and its still on till the 10th of December. They already have and will be giving away 1 million £££'s in the slot draw promotion. If you haven't been over there its not too late below are the dates this will carry on. The slot game name date price, and chances.

Bouncy Balls Monday 26th – Thursday 29th November£100,000 will be won – 3141 chances to win.

Clover Rollover Friday 30th November – Sunday 2nd December£150,000 will be won – 4376 chances to win.

Big Top Tombola Monday 3rd December – Sunday 9th December£250,000 will be won – 6186 chances to win.

Plus you get free entry to a prize draw for every £10 wagered on the slots.


What you waiting for stop reading and go play slots at Bingo Hat!


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