Bingo Hollywood easter egg hunt

Added 2011-04-21 15:45:37

Hi all i just though you would all want to know about a really great promotion playing at bingo hollywood. The bingo hollywood easter egg hunt wich offers players the chance to win some massive cash jackpots which the site will add a 50% too at the end of the game.

I think this is really great offer from bingo hollywood and i love easter eggs just think how many you could buy if you win a jackpot lol. I think this is deffo one of the the best easter promotions out there right now for bingo sites and it is a good site to play on if you want to play some online bingo.

Bingo  hollywood is a very wolcomeing bingo site and the prize fund is really good they have alot of slot machines to choose from wth great jackpots if you are lucky enough to get one unlike me lol. I will defoo be giving it a shot you never know who could win so i hope you all found this useful as i love great promotions like this so the best of luck to all of you that want to take part in ths great promtion i will see you there. :)