Bingo Hollywood Has Lots of Great Bingo Promotions

Added 2010-08-07 19:08:36

Hi guy i have recently starting playing more on Bingo Hollywood though i would come and tell you some things about the site.

There is a free bingo room open with pots of £1 also if you go to the jackpot tab i have just discovered there is another free game played in the evening from 6.30 every half hour till 10.30 with pots of £20. Lol well kept secret i have played there off and on for a while and never new it existed.

Twice daily between 1 - 2 pm  in the super stars game room pots of £50 and in the evening between 8 - 9 pm pots of £100. This is a 90 ball bingo room.

In the Bingo Hollywood boulevard 6pm till midnight daily there are pots of £15 - £200 max tickets 12 so makes it fair for everyone this is a 75 ball room.

In hollywood nights every night at 9pm there is a big game pots £150 - £250 tickets are 25p - 50p.

On the last Friday of every month there is a big game £5000 tickets cost £1.

There are a lots of good chat games played here and gives you the chance to win lots of points to redeem for cash.

Still waiting for my first big win lol hopefully it will come soon.