Bingo Hollywood Hours of Fun

Added 2014-09-01 12:44:42

Bingo Hollywood has a lot to offer from all your top slots to your bingo, 90 ball i like the best and they do good jackpots , 75 ball they do a sliding jackpot no such luck yet but you got to be in it to win it.

The chat games are always fun to take part in and try bag your self some free points. fluffy fav gotta be the best slot for me but i suppose each to there own. I notice they do a lot of jackpot games at night what i feel is good because i have won one of them, and dont forget at Bingo Hollywood you will always get a 75% deposit bonus what i find good indeed,

So i say come to Hollywood and be with the stars and win big.dont forget to tell your friends and family for you will get free money for doing so...see ya in holloywood!