Bingo Hollywood is a cool online bingo site

Added 2010-04-23 16:43:36

I must report on my great luck on Bingo Hollywood.

I've been playing free games all week and against all the odds because my luck isn't usually that good, I managed to get up to £35.00 on them. Last night I deposited £10.00. and I was able to withdraw the £35.00 without losing the £30.00 bonus as it's a cashcade bingo site. :-) And because I deposited I can now get into the £30.00 pot free game which plays from 5.30pm - 11.30 pm so it's well worth a flutter on there. I played some 5p and 10p games and was quite lucky. I must've won about five or six games, lines and full houses, and I eventually was able to  withdraw £80.00 and, having played with my bonus money, I ended up only losing about £14.00 of it back to the site. That's a bargain in my book :-) I've also bought a few tickets for the £100.00 pot game in the Silver Streak room this evening so fingers crossed my lucky run holds out until then. lol

Bingo Hollywood is a very cool site and it's great to get in at the beginning. I think it may well get really busy as the good sites always do and the wins may be harder to get.

Thanks to OhMyBingo for getting us onto these sites early doors. lol