Bingo Hollywood opening early feb 2010

Added 2010-02-09 17:52:13

i don't know if any1s aware but is said 2b the biggest and best new site ever, its owned by 888holdings and has been given a multi million pound budget for advertising, no other site has ever started off the way this will, its launch date is the beginning of feb 2010 although don't bet on that as its been put back three times already, the site was due to launch early December 2009 but clearly this never happened.

here's some info on bingohollywood that no one else has and i mean no one, but as were all friends here I'm going to let you into a secret, on the 21/11/2009 bingohollywood went live online by mistake, the site was in test mode, and as so no one should of being able to join it, but id been watching out for this site since i first heard about in the summer, and everyday id type the name into my browser, well low and behold on the 21/11/2009 whilst the site was in test mode i somehow managed to sign up and played on the site all-day, there was myself and one other player there all-day, a cm came into a chat-room and asked did we work for the company? we both answered no, that we were players and wondered why there weren't any other players, the cm just said you both must work for us followed by lol and he left, that day i won nearly £400, the next day i went to sign in but the site had gone, lucky enough for me they had emailed me with my user-name and password, so i replied to that asking whats going on, the next day they replied dear Mr Andrews you had no right playing on the site as it was in test mode and should never have gone live and due to this all winnings are to be void, i wont say what i thought i will leave that to your imagination, anyway i replied telling them the fault was on their side and unless they paid up i will take legal action, thankfully two days later they paid out in full, when i joined the site it showed no free money but a 300% bonus and free bingo rooms alongside the pay to play rooms, as you'd imagine with the site called bingoholloywood that's exactly what its based on hollywood, with the rooms having been named after movies/movie stars, each-room had a  movie ticket on it, please bear in-mind that when i played there it wasn't meant to of gone live and as so they may have changed the offers and anything else since then, either way this is a site worth watching out for, as always best of luck and tc, Dave.