Bingo Hollywood slots are warming up

Added 2010-04-22 10:03:31

I know there's a lot of news items on the very new and very FABULOUS Bingo Hollywood site, but not much about the slots on there.

So GUESS who's been on slots with EVERY ha'penny won on the bingo ????

Yes .. MEEEEEEEE :-)

Anyway .. up until just about an hour ago I have to say I was thinking that the Paradise Reels were in severe need of tweaking .... or oiling or SOMETHING.

Those who've read my endless ramblings about online bingo slots will remember that I only ever usually play 18p bets. So ... after many many spins over the last few days I wasn't getting a THING back :-(

Well today I had a whopping 28p to play with .. and I thought to myself ... "Why not go TOTALLY WILD and have a 27p spin ??"

That's what I did and honestly expecting nowt from it.

My GOODNESS ME ... the man with the WD40 had obviously been there before me and I had win after win,  a bonus round paying £7.50 hotly pursued by three Kings and then three Queens and then another bonus round :-) Of course I did put quite a few bob back in but who cares ... the slots on Hollywood have ARRIVED :-)

Good luck all :-)