Bingo Is So Much More Than Just Yelling Bingo

Added 2013-02-15 09:35:25

Hi everyone:..Hope this finds you all @ OhMyBingo having a great time and winning and meeting new friends..

I was reading over some of the sites and reviews, and came across the one that is donating to the Cancer Foundation. I am impressed that there is donation to such a very, worthy, cause. I just simply though of Bingo, well, as Bingo. Now I feel the need to write down my feelings and thoughts on this. 

It just excited me to see the charity, and as a matter of fact, I do believe that it was "Charity Bingo", that I read that about..Click here to join.  I have journeyed through many Bingo Sites the last few days, & can't remember all..

I am going to go back into "Charity Bingo", and check it out more. If it is a deposit site , now that I know what I know, I will deposit there, with a good feeling, knowing that I have deposited my money somewhere, that I have my fun, but above all, the money is going out to help millions of people that are in such need of it.

Well thank yopu so much for putting up with me here, but as I said, I have been so busy scouting out new online bingo sites, that if I didn't write this down now, I might well have taken my time, and this was especially of great interest.. Take care all, and happy bingoing..sparkplug711