Bingo lingo with Trix

Added 2011-06-22 13:44:06

Well after todays fab quiz with trix i have decided that some how i must find more time for online bingo lol dont know how i would manage any extra time but once i explain you will understand.

This afternoon trix done a quiz on bingo lingo, great i thought this should be easy. Lol think again all i could do was guess and guess and still not get any right.

So i asked trix if she gave the clue two little duck that i was sure i would manage the answer.

At one point trix said the next question was an easy one for me so all prepared i had 22 ready to press the enter key, when the question came up it was top of the shop. Lol i quickly changed my answer before the count down and woo hoo i won 100 points, for answering 90. A few questions later Trix again said the next one was an easy one for me. The question was kelly's eye lol i guessed 21 and yes got it wrong. Grrrrr what a fool i felt i was laughing so much i could hardly see. And the very last question was two little ducks, which i am glad to say i managed to win another 100 points. Honestly it is so long since i have laughed so much. Thank you Trix for another fun OhMyBingo afternoon.