Bingo maddness where is it gone

Added 2011-10-17 11:48:45

Hi everyone just a recap on the site and how things have changed since i joined. I have noticed lots of good changes, one being all the promos you now have on to keep us busy, where if we had the time we could be on here all day with an hours break lol at lunch. NICE 1

I have also noticed a great huge amount of newbies on OhMyBingo which is all good even though they do have email attatched lol gives shin something to do lol.

I love all the challenges you are putting in the trophy cabinet if you light my hat trick as promised by joy your working on it i have 40 wowwwwwww. I did hear that you was thinking of putting some cheaper items in the shop for us to buy with our coins that would be good with christmas round the corner dont ask me what thats what your good at.

I love the slots i do get to play them early in the morning or when room not full so at least we got something else to do at these times and work to earn more points or lose them as many have said lol.

Last but not least the biggest change is where are the early morning bingo players gone i used to get going on bingo at 6-6.30 now its much much later. Take now for instance its 8.50 am and i am waiting for bingo to start with charlie and meandyuk 3 people 10 mins before GOLDEN HOUR come on guys

hope you didnt mind me rabbiting on but had to do something while waiting for me bingo GL!