Bingo Mania reminds me of old Paddy Power Bingo

Added 2010-03-31 16:34:12

hey all  i tryed out a site called bingo mania i deposited when it made me think about how paddy power Bingo used to be but to be honest its a quiet site and the ticket prices do change all the time the free bingo room is not worth it 5p for a house lol but yet still lots of people play it. its a 200% deposit bonus which is good and you can prebuy your tickets min withdrawal is 30pounds i did get my balance to 26 but then lost it all just couldnt get to the 30mark lol.

the price money is ok when the ticket prices are 20p and they do some games where its backwords so you get more for the line than you do for the house which is ok coz its different they have 2 rooms open 24hrs and the other 2 shut at midnight  and i think reopen either 11 or 12 the next day they have your usual side games to. there is a butto for deposit rebate im not so sure about that at the min coz it keeps saying i have purchased games and wont let me. but ill keep trying coz im curious to what it is lol. but give it a try u never knw u may like it lol.