Bingo Me Happy 5 Line Valentine Game

Added 2012-02-14 10:36:43

Are you happy that it’s Valentine's Day? It doesn't matter whether you have a hot date or not, you can cheer yourself up at Bingo Me Happy. The air will be full of love, if you play the fabulous five line Valentine game at Bingo Me Happy which is taking place TONIGHT at 9 PM. Swoon!

And because it's a five line game, it means there is more love to go around. Cover one line to win £102, cover two lines to win £150. Cover three lines to win £250, and cover four lines to win £350. The lucky full house winner will walk away with a dreamy steamy £550 ... and GUESS WHAT? You don't even need to be online to win, so if you are going out for a romantic dinner, you can pre-buy your 50p tickets now and still be in with a chance of winning. It's enough to put a massive smile on your face, isn't it?

Ready to join in the love-fest at  Bingo Me Happy? It's like one big happy family, and you will fall in love with the roomies from the moment you step into the chat room. Sign today and you can win a million three times a week as well -- there is so much fabulous online bingo going action on, you will be dizzy with delight.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.