Bingo Me Happy 7 Night Alaskan Cruise

Added 2011-03-09 07:05:45

Bingo Me Happy are giving you the chance to win a seven night, all-inclusive cruise to Alaska -- absolutely free!  Not only that, but they will send you on your way with £2000 spending cash in your back pocket.  Happy days, or what?

This huge Swedish Bingo game is taking place on August 6, giving you plenty of time to rack up free tickets.  Top prize wins the cruise with £2000 spending money.  Cover four lines on this game to win £4000.  Cover three lines to win £3000, cover two lines to win £2000, and cover one line to win £1000.  Bingo Me Happy have even loaded the 1TG and 2TG pot fit to burst with £3000.  It's one of the biggest prizes ever, and you can win freeeee!

You earn tickets every time you pre-buy.  For instance, if you prepurchase 10 standard bingo tickets, you get five free bingo tickets for the game. Nice and easy, nice and cool.

If you like it, love it, and adore the sound of it, you need to join Bingo Me Happy now to play UK bingo at its best.  Register this moment to receive 20 free online bingo cards and a 100% deposit match.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.