Bingo Me Happy amazing seven night Alaskan cruise

Added 2011-02-18 14:05:49

Bingo Me Happy will have you grinning a mile wide when you hear about their latest amazing competition.  How would you like to win a seven night cruise in Alaska, with a huge wad of £2000 spending cash?

To be fair, this is about the only thing that has ever wiped the smile off our face when we have visited Bingo Me Happy -- and that's because it was replaced for the open mouth of amazement.  This sensational prize is one of the biggest we have ever had the pleasure to report on, and we want YOU to win it.

The winner will get a chance to sail the seven seas on a luxury cruise to Alaska with £2000 spending money.  And because it's a Swedish bingo game, there are plenty more opportunities to win.  Cover four lines to win £4000, cover three lines to win £3000, two lines to win £2000 and cover one line to win £1000.  But that's not all -- this incredible £20,000 prize pot also has £2000 for the  1TG winners, and £1000 for the 2TG winners.

The big game plays on August 6 -- so that’s plenty of time to start racking up those free tickets which can be earned in a variety of fun ways.  So, join Bingo Me Happy today for bingo pleasure you can't measure, plus a 100% free bingo bonus and 20 free bingo cards.

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Written by Tracy Garnett