Bingo Me Happy have Festive 10k coming your way

Added 2010-11-22 11:15:12

Bingo Me Happy are hellbent on putting a smile on the face of all their players this Christmas.  If you want a smile on your face a mile wide too, then you need to get to now to join in with the Festive 10k Fortune.

This is certainly going to be one of the biggest games in UK bingo playing over the festive season, so get ready to treat yourself to one enormous early Christmas present.

And being as it's a 90 ball game, there are three big chances to win.Cover one line to win yourself £2000.  Cover two lines to win yourself £3000.  And you really will be hitting the jackpot if you win a full house, because you will be receiving £5000 mere days before Christmas. The game plays on Wednesday, 22 December at 9:05 PM.  You can either purchase your tickets now, or start notching up free points that can later be converted into tickets.

Any time you refer a friend to Bingo Me Happy, you win 100 points.Any time you bingo on the special Christmas pattern such as the Xmas Tree, the Xmas cracker, and the Xmas snowflake, you earn 25 points.You also notch up loads of free points wagering on bingo, instant games and pre-purchasing tickets.

If you want a piece of this Christmas action, sign to Bingo Me Happy now to double your money with your deposit, and to receive 20 free bingo cards.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.