Bingo Me Happy Prebuy your way to free Alaskan Cruise

Added 2011-03-15 18:16:44

Smile! It's Bingo Me Happy time! If you're bored of boring old bingo, then bounce on down to Bingo Me Happy, where it’s a rocking online bingo party 24-7. And there is one reason alone that will make you EXTRA happy when you visit. How would you like to win a seven night cruise to Alaska, with £2000 spending cash? To be fair, that is a ridiculous question, because there is only one answer is. But, here's how to do it:

Bingo Me Happy are giving away free tickets for the cruise game. You earn them every time you pre-buy for standard bingo. The big match takes place on August 6, and it's a 75-25 Swedish bingo game. So, top prize is the cruise, cover four lines to win £4000, cover three lines win £3000, two lines to win £2000, and cover one line to win £1000.

Is that a cheeky little smile we can see creeping onto your face? Then get to Bingo Me Happy now, where your grin will get even wider. There is a 100% free bingo bonus waiting for you, plus 20 free online bingo cards. Bingo Me Happy is UK bingo at its happiest, and you're going to have a bingo ball.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.