Bingo Mobile with Foxy Mobile

Added 2010-03-15 09:59:19

Hey just curious to if any of you have tryed the foxy bingo on your mobile i was seraching through google for ladylucks as i thought that was the only one when i came accross foxy  mobile they give you 10 pounds to when you first download then its 100% depsoit bonus when you first deposit. so when the game downloaded i cicked free play as thats what it said to do and the game was for 10pound line 40pound house was like 75 ball. it is linked with Mecca Bingo and another one which cant remember then name of m something lol. i won the lin e on that game was excited id b able play for a bit to see if its worth depsoiting then after the game finished it asked me for my address dob and name for verification so i filled it all in and all i could get up was could not verify your details try again i give in after awhile now its locked me out till i can sort it out so iv emailed them and hopefully they will reply to me. theres another one called mmmbingo thats pretty good there was 43 players and playing one line two line and fullhouse was 9 pound for line 17pound two lines and 25 pound for full house was 10p a ticket and you could have a maximum of 4 strips. and chat on there towhich i didnt attempt.but you dont use your original Foxy Bingo details for foxy mobile i thought you would of. and mecca you use your online bingo details to login.