Bingo Names How did you get yours

Added 2010-03-10 12:23:49

I am interested to know how you all got your user names for the bingo sites. Some of them are really funny, others a bit boring and some are down right rude! lol

Mine is usually - bonbon24 - or something similar. I sometimes have to change the numbers but then I use 69 (the year I was born and my door number lol) instead of 24. I picked the name bonbon because I am a massive fan of Bonjovi - get it?? bonbon = Bonjovi?? Never mind lol

I have often thought of changing my name though because there seems to be some lucky names on many sites. One of the names that wins a lot seems to be "Lisa" in some shape or form in a chat name. Or some kind of "Debbie" name is always lucky. Are there any statistics to show what is the luckiest bingo name? Not that mine would be on that list lol

There are a couple of names that I find make me feel sick when I see them winning and they are "cum2mummy" and "cum2daddy". YUCK!! I don't know about you but the thoughts that "come" into my mind when I see these names are not nice! "Daddy" and "cum" should NOT be in the same sentence! Likewise with "mummy". How do these people think up these names? I find them very offensive but that's just my opinion. If any of these players are reading this then I am sorry. I'm sure you're very nice people but you're not giving the right impression to other people.

Anyhoo, what about your online bingo names? How did you get them? And are there any names that offend you?




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