Bingo News of Today and a Poem

Added 2011-07-04 06:15:47

im here to bring you the news of today

i was playing in oh my bingo today

and the site kept crashing

that was a delay

im hoping for this to be fixed

so i can get back to winning the coins

i love this site it tis a shame

i hope its fixed soon anyway

then i might win a few coins soon

anyway i still had fun when i managed to get in the room lol

i was playing and it got stuck today it just wasnt my luck lol

and now onto a poem


i love oh my bingo it is so nice

i wouldnt have it any other way i might say

but when it crashed i did get annoyed

as i could of been winning those coins

but nevermind its just one of those things

and now im going to sing

as i won a game im so glad

now i know it wasnt that bad

now im glad to bring you the news

and now im gonna run to the loo

im back again with a fresh brain

and now im gonna finish my poem

i hope you liked it as much as i liked writing it

the game crashing is just 1 of those things

see you soon in the room

and now im gonna play bingo too