Bingo Olympics

Added 2014-12-17 11:00:12

From the very first day i joined OhMyBingo i have been very impressed by the team who have always fell over backwards to keep the site safe and the players very friendly

as the site progressed they have worked extremely hard getting various bingo organisations on board giving every member the same chances of joining and playing on lots of other sites

they have always addressed members suggestions and in a lot of cases have agreed and put their ideas into practice where every member has benefitted

one of the best was raising thousands of pounds for a variety of needy charities of which the team should be applauded

had there been awards as per the olympics i feel this team would be getting golds galore as in olympics you have to go to your maximum capabilities to win and these people have never failed to attain their best

as we approach another new year i cannot wait to see what the team will achieve yet again in their marathon quest keeping their members amused

please keep up the good work