Bingo on my iPad

Added 2013-01-07 10:09:20

This is my first news report but its a very important one.Well at last thanks to CM Tickle I finally have access to OhMyBingo on my ipad.

Yippee now i can play free bingo on my ipad and my hubby wont know what im up to as i no longer have to slope off to the computer room to play my favourite thing bingo.

Thanks for the info on which flash player to get but if only i had only read the old news posts i would have found out much earlier. now i just need plenty of points in order to keep playing which is the hardest thing for me but writting news posts like this i guesse will help keep me in the points.

The only downside to the ipad is its nots so easy to write reports like this but you cant have it all.

Happy bingo everyone.