Bingo Or Bust

Added 2015-06-26 08:17:45

Ok bosses what is going on?The site is going to the dogs.I am waiting for the re-vamp but this is taking the mick.Your tech guys need sacking.Gold hour 7pm 8 players.Where has gone the old days where the room rocked with a cm and 30 players?I am sadly looking for somewhere else to play as i know the budget blaa blahh is not going to happen?

Please dont insult us fobbing us off Chet. You guys have killed the site taking away the cancer donate and the prizes.The prizes stuff them.Ive claimed 1 prize since joining here.Ive met some great pps as a result and i  thank you OhMyBingo. I am now looking for another free site so we can all be together again.Please get your site sorted Ben.Stop counting the money and spare a thought for your reg players

I got a ps woop.As OhMyBingo cant fund a meet i can !!!

Looking forward to you guys on the FridaY.Bring it on !!

Gawd i got hic ups.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO