Bingo Palace will shortly be upgrading their bingo network

Added 2010-04-11 10:09:50

Thought I would let you guys know about some changes to Bingo Palace.

On the 13th april at 1am they will be upgrading the network (takes about 3hrs approx).  They are now on the Parlay Gaming System network, as most of you online bingo fans will know .

They claim the changes will bring bigger jackpots, new table games also they will be adding the Monopoly Slot (one of my personal favourites!)  Three card poker,Hi- Lo Blackjack and many more.

The main reason i thought would let you know is i was on the old Bingo Palace site (thought was much better!)

since i've been back on now cant understand the ticket prices nor the prize money?

this seems quite typical of most of the Parlay sites ,even though i do like ths network (Goodness only knows why???)

went on this morning around 9am Table top room 4 players ticket price  25p  Full HOUSE prize money  58p??

What do you do buy 1 ticket so you not out of pocket or buy 2 to near enough break even??

Another room 4 players tics 15p  Full House £1.88??

They do claim to hve daily fixed pots £10.00 from 7am-10am noon-5pm but i'll be blowed if i've ever been on one.

anyway i am hoping the prizes will be bigger and maybe atteact few more players - as you can see from prize money this wont be difficult!!lol The only good thing is still seem to have the same northern lass calling bingo numbers (even though from the north myself does amuse me !)Especially when think OMG do i sound like that,well maybe no wonder very few peeps on!! GLX