Bingo Regulators

Added 2010-02-25 16:04:19

I joined a site a few months ago and used their very generous free no deposit money. I won over £50!! brilliant!! But after my winnings ran out I could not deposit because my bank card could not be registered on the with the mastercard safe site. I carried on playing in the free bingo rooms and won small amounts - nothing to write home about. While playing these free games I realised that the same handful of people kept winning. There were nearly 500 people playing in these rooms and only a few were winning!! How can this happen? Is there something going on that we don't know about (well we secretly do know about "site" players but no-one will admit to them!). So I e-mailed their customer support and asked them who I could report a site to if I thought they were not being fair and the reply I got shocked me. They basically told me that they were not governed by british regulators and therefore could do what they pleased. They did not give me any details of how to report this kind of unfair behaviour. This can not be fair!  Who do we report these sites to?