Bingo Story Fact or Fiction

Added 2012-09-04 15:33:46

I only know one bingo story and its based upon hear say so please dont quote me as being the one who suggested this bingo story Im gonna tell you as being the true account of someone who eperienced it or whether the story Im gonna tell you is just built up and handed down by word of mouth from ...God or...I cannot say where I this but many people claaaaim that its the truth...

I have heaard the story many times about people who plaay online bingo using reaal cash deposits, are rewarded and treated as vip ' this is the paaart which I am yet to aactually believe and will only believe once I receive...I heaard thaat people aactually WIN MORE THAN THEY WAGER PLAYING BINGO ONLINE...pmsffl...maaybe these people who cccclaaaaim to have received " Sprinkles of Lucky Dust from a Bingo Fairy  are insaane...or LIARS...I am innocent of all these chargesl" Ive yet to prove or disprove the bingo stories of real people winning real cash using NOT REAL BBs...I can only speaak from my perssonal eperiencess in thaaat...REAL CASH DEPOSITS WIN ME ABSOLUTELY SOD find the winning real cassh for free hard to