Bingo Street Is Brand New Bargain Bingo Wonderland

Added 2011-09-26 14:09:25

Bingo Street is a perfect example of a new bingo site. It has EVERYTHING for the weekend. You know you are in safe hands, because it's the same wonderful people who bring us Posh, Wink and Tasty Bingo. So, are you ready to take a stroll down the newest and best bingo destination around?

We particularly love the Free and Cheap Bingo at Bingo Street. Every day, you can win free bingo cash in four free rooms, or go extra bargain bucket with tickets from just a penny.

In the Bingo Hall, you can live a little in the 5p and 10p rooms, or if you're feeling particularly adventurous, check out High Rollers, where big winnings can be made for tiny ticket prices.

Here's a great way to meet your neighbours -- play Buddy Bingo. If you love being a team player, then team up with your best online bingo buddies to win mega points and prizes every month.

And also, don't forget any time you play at Bingo Street, you earn Joy Points for the £25,000 Joy Pot game which takes place at Wink Bingo on Sunday, October 30.

Perhaps our favourite thing about Bingo Street is this: when you register, you get to Shake the Signpost, and win anywhere up to £800. Love it! Let's go to Bingo Street and give that signpost a rattle!

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Written by Tracy Garnett.