Bingo Street plus other Online Sites

Added 2011-09-11 12:22:35

hiya all after reading several news stories about bingo street i decided to try it out and im so pleased i have yes i have deposited here which for me is absolutely a rarity for me to depo anywhere but i do like and rate this site and do enjoy playing here and like others i have had a few wins so if you like a smaller not overly busy room to play in try bingo street is well worth looking at 

i am a member of a fair few sites but i rarely play anywhere but omb these days but i do play daily on bingo street 

i recently had a email from itv bingo and to say im totally amazed they can do what they have is an understatement now i have been a member on there for over 2 years and suddenly out of the blue as they have merged with bigger sites to give bigger jackpots etc my username has been changed the prob i have with this is that it was done totally without my consent i just recieved a mail stating my new username and to me this is wrong and shows how little they value their players as is only curtesy to ask if i had been asked first i would not have minded and wen i complained over this i got sorry you feel that way but was done because of our site merging with others sorry not good enough any site who values their players would ask first and give them the chance to give new options to change their username not just be told what it is 

surely is this day of technology common curtesy should still be used after all without us the players there would be no site