Bingo Superbooks are New at Tea and Bingo

Added 2010-07-14 07:21:51

Tea And Bingo are always on the hunt for new stuff that’ll give you the best online bingo experience. For most of us, that means that they need to find a way to get more value for money and Tea and Bingo have done just that, with their brand new Superbooks!

This new game format means you can play for free for cash prizes, OR you can choose to upgrade the free tickets to “Superbooks” which multiplies the money you’re playing for! Everyone has a set number of tickets too, making it a nice even playing field.

You can play for free and win a lovely £5 or you can spend just one penny - yes, one penny lol - and win £25!

Their latest Superbook promotion is on Friday-Sunday (16th-18th July), 7pm-10pm in their Private Frog And Crown pub room.  There’ll be 12 SUPER FREE games to play during this session and for each game, you’ll be able to select a set amount of 36 FREE tickets.

You can play for a £5 prize pot if you stick with the SUPER FREE tickets. But - every Super Free game gives you the option to upgrade your Super Free tickets to Superbooks tickets! This means that the prize you’ll be playing for is multiplied!

Their Superbooks tickets are just 1p and by choosing to play with those, the prize pots will increase from £5 to £25! It’s such great value for money!

You can also choose to select a combination of the SUPER FREE and SUPERBOOK tickets if you prefer. Everyone will have a set number of 36 online bingo tickets per game (whatever mixture of Free or Superbook tickets they have) making it an even playing field. E.g. if you buy 6 Superbook tickets, you will then have 30 Free tickets.

So check out Tea and Bingo now - it's the place to be for new and exciting promotions.