Bingo Varieties and Daily Jackpots at the Kingdom of Bingo

Added 2016-09-16 07:26:00

Have you visited the brand new Kingdom of Bingo yet? It is an entire online kingdom dedicated to bingo and as you’d expect, it has plenty to offer. Far from the gloomy realms full of dungeons, dragons and sorcery, this happy-go-lucky kingdom is a centre for top class bingo prizes. The drawbridge is down. Let us tell you exactly what you can expect when you cross.

Daily Jackpots

In our opinion, one of the best things about being part of this site is the sheer number of daily jackpot games on offer. These games are known as dragon’s dough games. However, you don’t have to be the Mother of Dragons to gain entry. All you need to do is buy a 5p or 10p ticket. Games run from 9am until midnight, giving you plenty of chances to get involved.

Entry to the 75 ball games cost 5p per ticket and have a jackpot of £50 up for grabs. In the 90 ball games, a £100 jackpot will be split amongst the full house, two line and one line winners. Tickets cost just 10p. Each game plays every two hours, so you won’t have to wait long till the next one starts. There are plenty of other games to keep you amused in the meantime. One of our favourites is a cool new bingo variant.

Bingo Vegas

In this fantastic bingo variety, you’ll be marking off cards instead of the usual numbers. Initially, you’ll be given five cards from a deck of 52. Each five-card collection is called a hand. A hand is equivalent to your average bingo card. Cards for this game cost just 20p. Bingo Vegas is the perfect way to shake things up if you’re getting bored of the traditional games.

As the game progresses, the dealer will call out playing cards. If the same playing card appears in your hand, it will be covered by a chip. Cover your entire hand with chips and you’ll win the game. Players have the option of buying up to a total of five hands for every Bingo Vegas game. This means that you can purchase the maximum number of tickets with just a £1. Games play every single day from 6pm till midnight. Bingo Vegas is a quick-fire game which offers a higher level of excitement than the often long-winded games of 75 ball bingo. It provides a cool link between bingo and casino games, making it perfect for players who love to play both.

Overall the Kingdom of Bingo has made a strong entry into the market since it arrived on the web a few months ago. The Cassava site has a cool theme and enough characteristics to make it stand out from the crowd. If you’d rather venture further from bingo than even Bingo Vegas can provide then check out the list of slot games. For daily jackpots and bingo variants, this new kid on the block is a great place to start.