Bingo Wars

Added 2012-12-04 10:30:20

Have you ever noticed how Bingo seems to bring out the worst in people? Reminds me of the old joke (I may have posted it on here so apologies in advance if you've read it. If you hav'nt why not tut.)

Q, How do you make an 88 year old woman swear like a trooper?

A, Get another 88 year old woman to shout BINGO!

Seriously though you only have to take a look around here sometimes and you can sense WD's and WTG's typed from clenched fists. There is always comments bandied about "all in jest mind" but is there just a hint of frustration, jealousy or malice behind it?

Same old winners, change that pic or if I see that pic one more time i'm gonna blah blah blah.... are shouts you hear when someone is on a bit of a lucky streak. You could go 3 days without a single win and no one would notice, but everyone remembers when you dare to get a few wins within the space of a day. Sarky comments in news posts and shout box, people leaving cos they can't get a win. Get a grip its a game its supposed to be fun lol.

I could go on a bit more about this but I don't want to bore you rigid so here is my conclusion:

The Mayan calendar runs out on the 21st December 2012 and a lot of theories surround it bringing this world to an end i.e great earthquakes, floods, giant meteorite etc etc. But my theory is the bingo nutters are gonna go blotter crazy and blob everyone about the head to limit the competition. God knows what they'll moan about once they've done it?

In America they have people they call "preppers" who are preparing for "end of the world" eventualities. In my opinion forget stockpiling food, forget collecting weapons and fortifying your home. Just get a load of bingo pens and pre-buy your tickets.