Added 2010-02-08 17:06:50

hi everyone

for those of you that deposit  though ukash i just have to let you know that i had a problem this week , but when

i contacted them they were very very helful and got everything sorted out for me .  have been depositing  through ukash  for a number of years now  and i highly recommend this is the best way to deposit more and more bingo sites are using this deposit method now but you can find them all here on oh" my" bingo it is easer to find themif you are a member here it saves you doing al the hard work youreself  i came across this site by accident but i'm really glad that i found it especially  good that you get rewarded for talking about bingo and also  i have found the best bingo sites and have joined most of them it gives you a bit variety. one of my favourites s moon bingo fairly new but the chat is really good  foxy is good to  i've played there for a num of years now  well fellow bingo addicts  i hope you have enjoyed my news report and it was more helpful than boring lol enjoy you're bingo  because thats what it is all about and inning of course is an extra bonus.