Bingo3X Add Money Makers Section to Bingo Lobby

Added 2013-01-15 10:21:22

It’s never a bad thing to try and get more organised, after all, lots of people seem to be making New Year’s resolutions to try and bring planning back into their lives. Spring hasn’t even arrived yet and Bingo3X have already done a bit of spring cleaning. Players now have an additional bingo games category in which they can have a browse. Bingo3X decided to create a special category called Money Makers, with the name stemming from the fact that there are loads of bingo jackpots in this area. More info.

To give you an idea of the scale of Money Makers, we’re going to tell you about some of the massive bingo games that it holds. How does £5k sound? The next Take £5k game will be playing in a room within Money Makers on 5 March. Even before that players can play for thousands! Grab a Grand will be held on the first day of February, while Zodiac Bingo and its £1,111 jackpot plays on 19 January.

Bingo3X depend on the special little team of Chase Charger, Bravos Hunter and Not Just Simon to get things done for the site. Chase is the ladies’ man, Bravos is the money man and NJS is the technology expert. To bring this latest update about, we’re guessing that it was NJS who put in the hard work and made happen.

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