Bingo3X Delightful choice between a Car and 5000 GBP

Added 2014-03-24 08:49:34

If you were to choose between a brand new, spanking 5Mart car and a whopping cash prize of £5000, which one would you choose? If you are befuddled why a question like that is being asked when in reality it’s never going to happen, well think again. Bingo3X is running this latest promotion that lets you choose between car and cash. If you too fancy winning this once in a lifetime opportunity, then you ought to drop down to this online bingo site.

This quirky and cool game is scheduled on 7th May. Players can start collecting their tickets to the game forthwith. In order to win free tickets to the big game, players need to win bingo in the following ways. You can bingo on the car patter or bingo on the letters CAR or just bingo on the number 5. On doing so, you will receive one ticket every time you accomplish the above mentioned ways. The tickets are priced at £1.50 only. The last date to collect your free tickets is 30th April 2014. With such a massive prize locked up in the site, this game has the potential to change your life. There are lots more fun that can be explored at the site. So come on over and have some fun!

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