Bingo3X Leads in the Jackpot Race

Added 2013-09-05 08:11:42

Players mad in winning jackpots are suggested one bingo brand and that is none other than Bingo3X. The site is seriously a land of bingo jackpots! Jackpot prizes offered across this site are cross up to values more than four figures. The site at all times showers a good load of jackpot prizes for players. Join Bingo3x today. The £777 Lucky Jackpot is an excellent example that offers the jackpot worth £777 to win. You can get lucky to grab this jackpot by hitting a bingo on the number 7. And, the game is coming up on 8th September, so get ready for the fun and blend your gaming skills well.

Next to this is the Zodiac Bingo that offers a guaranteed jackpot worth £1,111 at offer. This prize jackpot is offered in the 75 ball game, so the prize is distributed amongst five players. There is £500 for full house winner along with 20 free tickets for the next game, £300 for 4 lines winner, £150 for 3 lines winner, £100 for 2 lines winner and £61 for 1 line winner. And, this month the game is scheduled on 22nd September. Plus, if it is your birthday this month then you can avail 10 extra tickets to the game as well. The game is themed on 12 star signs of every month, so this month it is time for all Virgo’s to check out their luck. That doesn’t mean, if it is not your birthday you should not play it – you got to go ahead and check out this fun. Alongside this, there are a lot more bingo jackpots and prizes to check out at Bingo3X.

Promotions and offers at Bingo3X are not confined just to the regular Dragonfish stuff. The site has always put forth its exclusivity in various ways. Best examples are the 3D avatars who have show cased something really out of the ordinary, not shown elsewhere. New players at Bingo3X receive the 200% Welcome Bonus on their 1st deposit!