Bingo3X Make Valentines Day Profitable

Added 2013-01-28 12:58:24

Okay, so the 14th of February may not seem particularly close right now, but it will soon creep up on all of us and arrive in a hurry. How many of us in relationships can say that they are completely prepared for Valentine’s Day? Regardless of your current Valentine’s Day preparations, there is one thing you can plan for right now. Bingo3X will be hosting a special online bingo prize game where a sizeable jackpot worth £1402 will be up for grabs. The eagle-eyed readers among of you will have spotted that £1402 denotes the 14th of February. Click here.

We know that those of you in relationships will be planning on doing something special that night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a crack at the jackpot. You can purchase bingo tickets for 50p each and they will play automatically for you. Basically you don’t even need to log in and you will still have a chance at winning. We think this is great news because no one has to be left of trying to play for the fabulous cash. Bingo3X will be rewarding five players in this five-line game, paying out as follows:

• 1-line winner – £102 • 2 lines winner – £150 • 3 lines winner – £250 • 4 lines winner – £350 • Full house winner – £550

While the automatically playing will be a convenience for the loved-up couples, singletons will still gather eagerly at Bingo3X in hope of snatching a prize. The game will get underway at 9pm on Valentine’s Day within the Love Celebration room. Yet again bingo players will have another chance to bag some cash in the early stages of 2013. If you are yet to play at Bingo3X, then why not consider the 200% welcome bonus? Deposit £10 and play with £30!