Used to be a Great Bingo Site

Added 2010-09-04 18:31:45

Thought i would tell you all about this site, where do i start, well this site was great before it changed you got £15 free bonus without depositing.  I really enjoyed the site so i deposited, won a quite a lot - won £600 within 3 months and odd little games.

Then changed the 1st time, the graphics were awful, the hosts became rude and there were always problems.  I went to purchase tickets for one game i wanted 12tics for 10p each but it decided to give me max tics and took all my money.  I challenged support with this but according to them it was my fault i purchased max tics, they even sent me my account purchases via email and it clearly stated on there the game i purchased 12tics but they gave me max. I got no where with them, i got no money back or anything not even an apology.

So i left the site, i was mad. But then i got a email saying site had changed again so i thought lets have a look and what a dissapoitment, the games graphics were rubbish, you couldnt see your tics, you couldnt see the chat room and what a suprise the hosts were still rude. So i have definatly left this online bingo site for good. Only way i would go back is they put the site back to its original way.