Bingola is My Go To Bingo Site

Added 2014-12-12 06:06:56

I joined bingola a few months ago now, it is a brilliant site and very friendly.  the people are very chatty which i enjoy,because im a chatterbox myself.

i have also won many times on here ,it is much recommened by me and many others that i know play on here so give it a go,,,,good luck guys . havent really been on as much as i want but when i do its always bingola i go on,,they play plenty of chat games to keep you occupied as well as bingo.

also the mini games you can play whilst playing your bingo and there's plenty of free games also.  Plenty of different rooms you can try instead of having 1 boring room and there's free bingo games to play for big money on a friday and sunday, not won on them yet but im determined i will one day haha.

It's one of the best sites ive been on for a long time ...